The Long Arrival

So I am not sure what day or time it is, but I know I am about to go to bed in my apartment in Copenhagen.  I began some number of hours ago in Boston, where the international terminal was filled with students from my program as well as my roommate-to-be.  We boarded our flight to Reykjavik where I soon discovered I had middle seats for the duration of the trip.  I watched movies for the five hour flight.  Surprisingly there was one drink service and no food provided.  Then we had our layover where the number of students on the program probably doubled filling most of the plane to Copenhagen.  The next leg was only 3 hours, where I was in the middle again and seated next to a girl who is a bat aficionado which provided for some interesting conversation.   

We went straight through customs in a very un-American fashion with little to no passport check.  We were then hurried through the airport by cheery people holding DIS signs.  We crossed the street to a major airport hotel where we were sorted by our living arrangement by a very efficient group of danes.  After this speedy process we waited three more hours for our bus to take us to our “dorm” on Henrik Ibsens Vej (Way).  Upon arrival it became clear it is not in fact a dorm.  It is an apartment building where our program has rented out about half the building for our students.  So I am sharing a 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment with three other girls.  The rooms are small, but the kitchen, bathroom, and living room are quite reasonable (pictures to come later)  

My roommate and I packed and decorated the room.  Then I took a quick much needed shower and yay we have water pressure.  After that we had a communal dinner of pasta and salad with our entire apartment building.  First real meal in a number of hours.  Learned some new things about Danish culture and the folks I am living with.  Now it is time for bed and tomorrow we will continue to adventure…maybe Ill even leave the building!


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