Our living situation is a little unusual for DIS.  We are living in a Danish Residential Community, which is typically a 60-70 person dorm with an SRA (Social Resident Advisor) on every floor.  Instead we are living in a small apartment DRC, which means there are about 15 of us in an apartment building in a residential neighborhood of Copenhagen.  We are probably renting about half of the apartments in the building.  I am sharing a 2 bedroom 1 bath with 3 other girls (Grace, Shanna, and Jordan).  Our SRA, however does not live with us, but he comes by regular to hang out and check on us.  His name is Carlos and he is Mexican/Spanish and living in Denmark.  He decorated our apartments with cute houseplants and candles, as well as baking us all a traditional Danish cake to welcome us and make us feel more comfortable. So far we have had dinner with him twice and he has provided wonderful advice about living in Denmark and how to get around.  

In the past few days we have decorated and improved our apartment, as well as conquered the grocery store.  So far I have noticed that Copenhagen (although confusing) is one of the most comfortable cities I have ever been in, also it is extremely safe.  

In the past couple days (before classes started) we have been shuffled from one activity to the next.  At this point I can kind of find my way around the city, I am not sure what day it is, but I am falling in love with the country and the culture.  


I have wandered the downtown area, attended info sessions, activities fair, and gone on a scavenger hunt of the city.  Its a little confusing and overwhelming but gorgeous.  Everyone bikes everywhere and speaks perfectly fluent english, which makes me oddly self conscious of being mono-lingual.  Also there is tons of oxidized copper which is probably my favorite architectural style.  This post, like this week is super disjointed, but today we start classes and hopefully there should be a little more organization.  

Here are some more touristy pictures…





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