What is in a name?

So when I decided to make the typical 20-something study abroad blog there was a great deal of discussion about what it should be called.  My first thought was the “Chronic Traveler,” which I thought was a punny combination of my love of adventure and my issues with chronic joint pain. That dark humor did not go over well with everyone.

My next idea was Song of the Open Road, which is the title of my all-time favorite poem by Walt Whitman, which is about the joys of travel.  When I shared that suggestion with a friend he said it sounded like something an 18 year old taking a gap year motorcycling through Vietnam would call a blog about their feelings and sunsets. So that was vetoed too.

Eventually blocking out the stream of opinions I settled on Nomadic Tendencies, since as much as I love my home I struggle to stay in one place for very long before I feel the need to start wandering again.  

In any event Song of the Open Road is a fifteen part poem which I feel like narrates my experiences pretty well, so I decided to post a section of the poem each week, which will coincidently bring me to the end of my semester in Denmark.


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