Danish Delicacies

Since I come from a family of foodies I have been careful to document my food adventures while here in Copenhagen.  I haven’t captured everything but the danes have a pension for combining ingredients in ways I never thought of.  As advertised they are very locally conscious and cook with lots seasonal foods.  Also there is copious amounts of fat and sugar in everything, but everyone here is tall, leggy, thin, and blonde.  Go figure.

Of course Ive been trying the local junk food.  These are ostepops which are like american pirates booty but with that nice orange glow of junk food. They are delicious.

These sandwiches are called Smørrebrød, which is basically an open-faced piece of fibrous bread with a bunch of stuff on top. The stuff varies. My friend and I tried two when we went to the market the other day. The first one is a huge slab of paté with a pile of pickles, bacon, herbs, and beets.

The second Smørrebrød was a large piece of unidentified smoked meat with pickled beets, pickles, pickles onions, and oranges. They are very fond of the pickling here, ranging from sour to sweet and coming in a variety of vegetables.

This is a slice of cake I bought at the same market. Not sure what was in it. I devoured it. It was a layer of chocolate cake with a thick layer of pink mousse on it. Super fluffy! The lady behind the counter said it was raspberry but I am skeptical. Anyway definitely need to go back for seconds.

This is a cake from the same bakery as above that I am planning to eat next time and I will report back.

This is a bad picture but this is a traditional Danish treat for birthdays and special occasions called a Flødeboller. Its is a big piece of fluff or marshmallow on a crispy cookie and covered in chocolate. Also something I could get used to.


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