Kronborg Castle

Okay, so I am desperately trying to catch up on blog posts.  We are starting with the second portion of last Saturday when we went from the palace to Kronberg Castle which is in Helsingør.  It was constructed in the 1420s and is referred to todays as a castle, but originally acted as a fortress.  It also served as the inspiration for Shakespeare’s Hamlet. 


Its swimming distance from Sweden so it is moated with thick walls and armed with heavy artillery.  I totally nerded out since it is built in the style of a medieval star fort, which was a major development in tactical defense that we studied in one of my classes back home.  There aren’t many left and I had never seen one before, but I will explain their military benefits in a later post.


Once inside the castle walls, there was a plaque honoring Shakespeare which I of course couldn’t read. The inside of the fortress was not very engaging so I did not take a lot of pictures.  


This is the view looking out over the water to Malmo, Sweden.  The cannons are original. I was told a very long myth about the history of the Danish flag, one of the oldest in the world.  According to legend it emerged during the crusades.  They had a plain white flag with a cross, but it blew away.  Then when they were losing a battle with the Estonians so they all prayed and then they had the strength to win the battle.  Suddenly the flag fell from the sky, drenched in blood, and it reminded them of their righteous cause.  The Wikipedia article claims different, however.


Perhaps the best part of the fortress were the underground tunnels which date back to the vikings.  There were tunnels and mazes which went down three different levels.  This is a statue of a viking god, who I don’t remember the name of, but legend says if the Kingdom of Denmark is ever threatened he will rise to its defense.


On a lighter night here I am outside of the castle.


And here is me and one of my housemates Shanna.  As someone who has their eye perpetually closed in photographs I consider this a success.  After our day at the castle, we headed home and all took naps.


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