On Tuesday I visited the Nationalmuseet, with my friend Maddy.  We were under the impression that is would would be an art museum focusing on danes.  Instead it was a history museum, focusing on vikings and nordic cultures.  One highly comical aspect is that in most museum a singular artifact, the one that is in the best condition is displayed.  In this museum they showed every single fricking thing they had.  So if you walk up to a display of viking coins, or glasses, or daggers, etc there were dozens of artifacts piled together, instead of the best one being isolated.  It was comical as if they were shouting “hey look at all the loot we’ve got!”

Excessive amounts of daggers. After going through the nordic and medieval exhibits Maddy and I went to see “Peoples of the World.”  This had three to four rooms for each continent that explained (I assume, I couldn’t read any of the plaques) about the native peoples of different regions.  

This is from the room on South East Asia.

This is North America. After the “Peoples of the World” exhibit things took a sharp Christian turn.  A lot of god fearing, imposing, threatening religion – not really my cup of tea, but it made for beautiful art.

We ended the afternoon with knights in shining armor on horseback.

After two hours of twaddling around the museum we rewarded ourselves with coffees and chocolate croissants!


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