Long Walks in the Park

Okay desperately trying to catch up with posts here. Last week was core course week, which means I had my ArmedConflict and Humanitarian Law class everyday.
The first half of the week we had normal class and trips through
Copenhagen.  Then Thursday through
Saturday we travelled through North Western Denmark together.  On Monday we had a four hour block course
from 8:30 to 12:30, luckily our professors provided some coffee and pastries to
help pass the time.  We spent the time
reviewing laws of sovereignty, international armed conflict, and
non-international armed conflict.  When
we left class it was shockingly sunny outside.
I am talking cloudless full blown rays of vitamin D.  I went home had a quick lunch and hightailed
it to the local park.  

Friedriksberg park is a beautiful park built around a
palace, that is a mere two blocks from my apartment.  I had not yet explored it, since grey dreary
days deter long walks.  I entered the
park, donned my sunglasses (woohoo), and started out on a path to my

The paths through the greenery
are winding and illogical, intended for perambulation and not anyone in a hurry
to get to their destination.  I walked
for about an hour through the grounds, carefully avoiding the geese.  

There is a river that runs through the park
and the sun was flitting across the surface.
It turns out hidden in the park there is the Copenhagen Zoo, which is
very expensive, but from certain points in the park you can approach various
animal enclosures for free.  So I went
and sat by the elephants for a while.  I also
walked by the palace, but decided to save the interior for another day.  

Finally I found a good bench, got
comfortable, and cracked the spine on a new book.   I am finally reading Mountains Beyond
Mountains, a non-traditional biography of Paul Farmer the founder of Partners
in Health.  The book is aggressive and
forces the reader to question their moral code and place in the hierarchy of
society, but more on that later.  I read
for a little over two hours, and then meandered home.  


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