Stop and Smell the Tulips

We woke up early and started to walk towards the tulip
markets.  Along the way we stopped in
Urban Cacao for ‘breakfast.’

And to answer your question, yes they do have samples of
each of the twenty two chocolate bars that they sell.  I tried nearly half, for scientific purposes
of course.  I got two macaroons
(raspberry and salted caramel) and an espresso, then a few chocolates for
sustenance later in the afternoon.  

It was beautiful seeing the canals in daylight, walking
through the rain, drinking espressos, and snacking on macaroons.  It felt like something out of an alternate
reality and made me incredibly grateful for the experiences I have been offered
this semester.  We then arrived at the
tulip market, which I could smell from half a block away.

We wandered around the stalls picking out our favorite
flowers, knowing it would be impractical to buy them.  Inside the stalls purveyed different tulips
souvenirs as well a wide range of seeds.
I noticed in one stall that they had seeds for my two favorite flowers
and they were right next to each other. Lupines and sweet peas.  Sweet peas I love for their delicate
appearance and fragrance.  Aesthetically
they are my favorite flower and I wore them in my hair when I graduated high
school.  Lupines on the other hand hold a
deep emotional significance for me, which I will explain another time.  I grabbed a packet of seeds as a souvenir of
my weekend.

From there we went to a pastry shop (per my mothers
recommendation and a famous dutch cheese shop.
We got a pastry (for later).  The
pink circle with raspberries that’s second from the left.   It was champagne mousse on a little sponge
cake, with a raspberry jam center.  It
made an amazing afternoon snack.  Then at
the cheese shop, like Urban Cacao, they had samples of all the cheeses they
sell.  So of course I tried them all and
the rumors are true, when it comes to cheese the Dutch know whats up.

After this there was more food, when we met some of our
friends for late brunch at G’s, which came highly recommended by a friend from
home.  The atmosphere was very cool,
tablecloths of comic books, menus on old records, etc.  I had a double decker sandwich with cheese,
avocado, bacon, lettuce, and fried egg.
It was delicious long awaited breakfast food.  My only complaint is that it came with store
bought chips and the bread was not toasted – but then again I’m a food

After brunch we went to the Sex Museum in the red light
district, which l won’t discuss in detail, but
lets just say I learned way more than I needed to know.  Afterwards we spent time wandering through
the canals and parts of the old city.  Then we went to the Tulip Museum where we learned an in-depth history of the tulip and how it was used as currency and we got to smell the flowers.

Afterwards it was the time for our tickets at the anne frank museum, which I already discussed.  At this point we were exhausted and went back to our apartment to rest and eat the champagne pastry.  We then went in search of real dutch food an ended up in a cute restaurant by the river where we got to have bitterballen and hotchpotch which is the go to meat and potatoes dish.


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