A is for Arthur

Before I left the US my mother gave me two identical stuffedanimals that are little black and white dogs.
One is pocket sized and the other the size of  a football, she said they could come abroad
with me and she even made them their own passports.  I named them Edith and Arthur and decided I
could take pictures of them abroad to document my experience, especially since
I am not one for selfies.  The first half go his world tour will give you a preview of posts to come.  I
finally remembered to put Arthur in my purse when I was in Amsterdam, so I took my first picture of him
on the A of the iamsterdam sculpture.  


He next appeared in Prague on top of Petrin Tower in Prague, czeching out the view. 


And looking out over the water…

Later he relaxed on the overnight train from Prague to Budapest.


Once we were in Budapest Arthur decided to try some of the local cuisine.


Most recently Arthur went to Fishermans Bastion in Buda, Hungary for another great view.


So far I have definitely gotten some weird looks pulling him out of my purse, but its turning into a really fun way to document my trip!


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