Going Dutch

We woke up early, packed our things and got out of the airbnb as quick as we could.  We headedtowards the rijks museum and the IAmsterdam statue.  The sun was shining which was lovely, and the
sign was not terribly crowded.  We took
the obligatory pictures in different letters.

Then we headed across the park to the Van Gogh museum where
there were sadly no pictures.  It was a
well curated four floor museum that was open and modern with huge spaces of
natural light.  We were very impressed
and the museum did an excellent job of walking us through Van Goghs personal
and professional development.  It
explained his influences, his friends, his family, his rocky relationships, and
how he influenced art.  It also had a few
works from contemporary artists for comparison.
It was an awesome moment (the old school definition, as in I was filled
with awe) to stand in front of the sun flowers and then the irises. 

After the museum we wandered through vondel park for a
little while.  The were few clouds in the
sky and the water was perfectly still which created beautiful reflections.

From the park we went in search of rijstaffel which is dutch
Indonesian food, but it was all the way across the city so we got side tracked
along the way.  We stopped by the bench from the movie/book The Fault in our Stars, where the two main characters have a moment.  The bench now has love locks attached to it and it is covered in quotes from the film.  I popped over the one of the oldest bakeries in Amsterdam and grabbed a traditional Stroopwaffel which we enjoyed on the bench.  

Once at the restaurant we went whole hog and ordered the lunch version of rijstaffel.  Soon enough the table was filled with different plates of food. As a self declared foodie I was prepared for a delicious southeast asian meal, but I was blown away  It was unlike anything I have every tasted, which is pretty hard to do.  The meats were cooked in coconut and peanut, with tons of veggies an unidentified crispy things. The most spicy dishes were served cold which was a pleasant contrast.  My only complaint was that the vegetables were definitely canned, but thats not a huge deal.  For anyone looking to give rijstaffel a try I would recommend Kantjil.

We then walked around the canals a little more and were feeling the effects of constant travel and our huge lunch, also we had our luggage with us.  So we opted for tourism that would allow us to sit down, a canal tour, which ended up being awesome.  For the first twenty minutes the person driving was in training and kept bumping into the walls of the canals which was comical but concerning.  It was nice to get a different perspective to look out over the city.  

Right next to where the canal tour finished, there was the Amsterdam cheese museum, which I felt obligated to visit.  It turned out to be a large room with hundreds of kinds of cheeses, and you could taste dozens of them, which I did. Then in the basement they had a cute little museum about the history of cheese in Amsterdam, which gave me the chance to dress like a milkmaid – dream come true.  

A few streets down we stopped for a very hipster but tasty cup of coffee.  It was called Head First Coffee Roasters.  The cappuccino was delicious, but it came with a little attitude and a lot of beards and flannels.  When I asked if there was wifi the barista scoffed a little and said no.  Anyway I would say the coffee is delicious, but be prepared for a little brooklyn-esque coffee culture. 

As the sun began to set, we wandered to central station and grabbed the train to the airport.  A few hours later we arrived in Copenhagen, which was very satisfying because I was returning to a familiar city.  It was the first time I recognized that Copenhagen was starting to feel like home.


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