All Buda and no Pest

Okay so fun fact, Budapest is actually two places.  Theres a large river (the Danube) running through the city and on one side is Buda and the other side of the river is Pest.  Seems like this might be common knowledge, but I had no idea.  Another fun tidbit, I am the first person in my immediate family to go to Hungary.  Both my parents have traveled extensively, and my brother recently returned from backpacking through Europe, south east Asia, and living in Australia for a year.  So the travel competition is pretty stiff.  Being the first one to visit a country is pretty tricky, since it feels like my family has already gone so many places, but it also means I have tons of good travel recommendations.  This time I get to be the tourguide.

We arrived in Budapest on an overnight train from Prague and I swore I would wake up early and watch the sunrise from our car, but that didn’t happen.  We went to our airbnb (which was awesome this time) and dropped our things, and then headed out into the city. We decided to split our days on different sides of the river.  We started out in Buda, where there are many of the historic buildings.  We powered through Castle Hill, Mathias Church, and Fishermans Bastion, which are some of the major sites.

View of the Chain Bridge that connects Buda and Pest

Bird vogueing for me on top of a sculpture

Interior of Mathias Church, where I almost walked into the walls a bunch of times because I was so distracted by ceilings.

Outside of Mathias Church

Fisherman’s Bastion.

View of Parlament from Fishermen’s Bastion.  

That afternoon we also went to Hospital in the Rock which is hands down the coolest museum in Buda or Pest for that matter.  Sadly they had a no picture rule as well. The museum is miles of underground caves, which served as a hospital during WWII and revolution of 1956.  Then it was a top secret nuclear safe house for forty years, until it was turned into a museum.  The museum has now been restored to its original condition, with half made to look life a hospital with wax figures, and the other half is left as a nuclear safe house.  We were taken on a one hour guided tour and I would highly recommend it. 

By the time we left Buda, the sun was setting over the Chain Bridge.


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