My Name’s in Print

So since starting this blog I have vaguely referred to my health issues as my “condition.”  The anonymity helped me maintain a little privacy and distance from my issues.  At the same time I have been doing a lot of writing about my health and the genetic condition I have called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS).  I submitted these pieces to a number of online magazines and moved on.  I didn’t really expect to hear anything back and fire I could continue with my ambiguous discussion of health.  Then this week I got an email from Thought Catalog saying my article was live and it attached a link.  I freaked out a little.  Here was an intensely personal and raw piece of writing and poof like that it was on the internet for the whole wide world to see.  Not on my blog, but on a website that millions of people frequent.  I nearly peed myself.

The next hurtle was Facebook.  I was torn about whether or not I wanted to fully “come out” and announce to everyone who knows me personally on social media that I have a genetic condition.  Then I rationalized that I wrote this article to start a dialogue about living with chronic pain, so if I don’t share it then I am defeating the purpose.  As I have said many a time before, this is not a pain blog, but this is a piece of writing about pain.

It is really wonderful and validating to see someone else “print” my writing.  Here is the link if your interested.


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